The 92Z7 – “Proven to be a Reliable, Powerful, and Flexible Workhorse for It’s Owners”

“The 92Z7 oozed smooth, forceful, dependable strength every time it hit a stockpile or moved heavy rocks around the pit. Custom operating power modes, made available through Kawasaki’s IntelliTech operating system, maximise a high engine power rating, which provides power on demand.

The IntelliTech system uses logic and intelligence to adjust the operating characteristics of the loader. This intuitive system captures every aspect of working conditions and operating demands to adjust the powertrain and hydraulics to best suit each application’s requirements.

‘We’re pleased with our Kawasaki 92Z7,” Corrie Leach, HG Leach’s quarrying operations manager, says. “It’s a powerful, reliable workhorse in the pit and complements the rest of the equipment we have running down there. It can move any type of product and handle a variety of tasks. Just as important, the operators love running it.'”









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